What is Brain Science ?

Brain Science Podcast (formerly called the Brain Science Podcast) is an audio podcast that explores how discoveries in neuroscience are unraveling the mystery of how the brain makes us who we are. It features discussion of recent books and interviews with scientists. It is hosted by Dr. Ginger Campbell and comes out monthly.

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How do I get Brain Science?

The entire library of 100+ past episodes is available on this website. You can get new episodes automatically by subscribing via iTunes, via RSS, or via you favorite podcasting application. Just type "Brain Science" into your favorite application or paste in

You can also stream or download Brain Science via the Mobile App that is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

All episodes posted after January 1, 2013 are FREE. Additional premium content, including episode transcripts and older episodes, is available via our Premium Subscription Plan. Individual Episodes and transcripts can be purchased in the BSP Store. See the individual show notes for links to these items.

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How do I download episodes instead of streaming them.

If you go to Past Episodes you will a see a list of all the episodes. All episodes posted after January 1, 2013 are FREE. The download link is found in the show notes for each episode. (Just left click to play or right click to download.)

Older episodes can be purchased for download individually, but they are also available automatically to our Premium Subscribers.

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Who is Ginger Campbell?

Dr. Campbell is the American physician who launched the Brain Science Podcast in 2006. She lives in Alabama where she practiced emergency medicine for over 20 years. She now practices Palliative Medicine. Dr. Campbell was first exposed to neuroscience back in the late 1970's while she was a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. Brain Science reflects her ongoing passion for understanding how the brain (and body) generates the mind.

Dr. Campbell also hosts and produces Books and Ideas, which is a podcast that reflects her interest in a broad range of subjects including other areas of science, philosophy, history, science fiction, dogs, and even video games.

In 2012 Dr. Campbell began publishing a series of eBooks based on the interviews recorded for the The Brain Science Podcast. The first one is Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty. New eBooks will be announced in the BSP Store.

Learn more about Dr. Campbell at

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Who is the intended audience?

Brain Science is intended for general listeners. No scientific background is assumed or required. However, one of the things that sets Brain Science apart from other science shows is that it features accessible in-depth discussions.

We know from our email that listeners range from high school students to working neuroscientists. The broad appeal of the show challenges the dogma that such a show can not be made.

Please visit our Testimonial page to read about BSP listeners or to share your own story.

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How much does it cost?

All episodes posted after January 1, 2013 are FREE. Additional episodes can be purchased for $1-$2 per episode. However, since there are 90+ episodes in the back catalogue many listeners prefer the Premium Subscription which only costs $5 per month. This gives you unlimited access to the back catalogue as well as episode transcripts. Discounts are available for annual and semi-annual plans. Click here to learn more.

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What is the Premium Subscription?

The Premium Subscription provides the following benefits: 1) unlimited access to the entire library of past episodes of the Brain Science Podcast, 2) transcripts for every episode, and 3) advertising is limited to one recomendation per episode.

Subscribers can access this content via any Browser or via the free BSP mobile apps, which are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The current price is $5 per month with discounts available for annual and semi-annual plans. Click here to learn more.

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How do I get my Premium Content?

Premium Content can be downloaded or streamed either via the free Brain Science mobile app or via any web browser at

Unfortunately, Premium Content is not directly available on this website although I began adding Premium transcript links in BS 138.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that encourages the support of independent creators in many genres, including podcasts. It allows supporters (now called Patrons) to pledge a monthly amount that goes to the creator only if new content is released. You have total control over the amount you pledge.

Patreon supporters get new episosde transcripts, but do not have access to the back catalogue. For this reason Patreon is most popular with longtime listeners who no longer need access to older content.

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Are episode transcripts available?

Transcripts are available for every episode of Brain Science. Premium Subscribers have unlimited access to episode transcripts, while individual transcripts can be purchased for $1-$2. Links to the PDF files are found in the individual show notes and on the transcript page. Transcripts can also be accessed directly on several mobile devices via the BSP Mobile App.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to access Premium transcripts on this website. If you are not using the Mobile app you will need to go to and login to your Premium account. Go to top of page

How do I get the early BSP episodes that no longer appear in iTunes?

Brain Science has been produced since December 2006, but only episodes produced since January 2013 appear in iTunes. Older episodes can be purchased individually or in packages in the BSP Store.

Premium Subscribers have unlimited access to back episodes. The easiest way to get Premium content is via the free mobile Brain Science App (iOS and Android), but episodes may also be streamed or downloaded via your Browser. Just Click here to Login.

Episodes 1-10 can now be purchased for download as a single Zip file. The rest of the episodes can be purchased individually for $1-$2 each. The easiest way to find individual transcripts is to go the show notes for that episode

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How can I support Dr. Campbell's work?

The most important thing you can do to help support Brain Science is to tell as many people as possible about it, and be sure to post a review on iTunes, or any place else you can think of.

You can also support the Brain Science by becoming a Premium Subscriber or via Patreon.

Please visit our Donations page to learn more.

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What books have you discussed?

For a list of the books featured on Brain Science please see our Bibliography.

If you are interesting see which books are coming up visit News or our Group on

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What authors/scientists have you interviewed?

Click here for a complete list of guest interviews.

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Have you done an episode about (pick a topic)?

The best way to find information about specific topics is to use the SEARCH box that appears on most pages. The SEARCH box is located at the top of the right sidebar, which will be blue or yellow, depending on where you are.

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What if I still have questions?

Please use our Contact page to submit your question. If its one that will help others we will add it to this page.

We would love to hear from you. Please us our Contact page to submit feedback, questions, and suggestions.

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