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The Brain Science Podcast (BSP) is independently recorded and produced by Dr. Ginger Campbell.

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Premium VS Patreon: Does it Matter?

The Premium subscription ($8.48/month) is a great choice for people who want access to episodes of the Brain Science Podcast published before 2013 (about 90 shows), but half of your subscription goes to Libsyn, so if you don't need this content, I would prefer that you support the show via Patreon. Also, Patreon allows more flexibility in the amount and frequency of your support. They take 5% plus credit card fees, but they lump payments to reduce those fees, which is one reason I also suggest changing to Patreon if you have been supporting the show via PayPal. If you are a new listener I recommend the Premium Subscription so that you can download all the older episodes, and then when you are caught up you can change to Patreon. Patreon supporters who give $5/month or more will automatically get new episode transcripts every month.

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