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The Brain Science Podcast is enjoyed by a worldwide audience. There are several ways that you can interact with our community. The best place to post comments and share ideas is on the Brain Science Podcast Discussion Forumwhich is now at This is a great place to meet other listeners and you can share links, including links to your own website.

Other options include the Brain Science Podcast Fan Page on Facebook and our new BSP page on Google Plus.

You can also share pictures via our Brain Science Podcast Community Group on Flickr. This a great place to share pictures of where you live, pets, or what ever else you would like to share.

Email may be sent to Dr. Campbell at Be sure to put "Brain Science Podcast" in the subject line so that your email doesn't look like spam. 

The success of the Brain Science Podcast depends on listener donations and word of mouth. So don't forget to post a review in iTunes and be sure to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

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